FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

FAO Medium-term Strategic Framework for Cooperation in Family Farming in Latin America and the Caribbean

During the 31st FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), member countries identified the promotion of small-scale farming / family farming as one of FAO’s four medium-term priority areas in the region. The other three priority areas identified were trans-boundary diseases, climate change and environmental sustainability, and food and nutritional security. The preparatory work for the 32nd regional conference and the corresponding consultation process show that these priorities remain valid and relevant for the region.

As a result, FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean formed four Multidisciplinary Priority Groups to develop and implement strategies for each of the four priority areas of FAO cooperation in the region, in partnership with member countries.

As an outcome of this work, this document presents conceptual tools for developing a FAO medium-term strategic framework for cooperation in family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The process of preparing this FAO strategic cooperation framework is consistent with FAO’s results-based management system currently being implemented as part of its reform process, and identifies specific results to be achieved in the region as a result of its implementation in the family farming domain. This strategic framework for cooperation will be implemented through the biennial work programmes of the FAO Regional Office and its sub-regional and national offices; there will also be a monitoring and evaluation system to ensure the results expected from the implementation of these work programmes approved for the biennium are achieved.

FAO is circulating this proposal among member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean for discussion and approval, to be able to provide the best possible technical assistance for enhancing the role that family farming plays in rural development and food security in the region.

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