FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

Statutory Bodies

The regional commissions are discussion forums that involve all FAO member countries in the region. In these commissions, the countries can exchange ideas, discuss current issues and share resources with FAO technicians and specialists. There are four commissions in Latin America and the Caribbean that address fishery, livestock and forest resource issues. These commissions meet every two years, receive a portion of the FAO budget and have a Technical Secretary, who is responsible for the commissions' operations.


The last LACFC meeting underlined the importance of efficient forest governability for the development of sustainable forestry and the prevention of deforestation and illegal logging of forests.


The goal of the Commission on Livestock Development for Latin America and the Caribbean is to implement policies specific to the sector and carry out national and regional programs for livestock development.


The Commission for Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture of Latin America and the Caribbean promotes the responsible use of inland fishery resources, advises governments on fishing management measures and assists in aquaculture development.


The goal of the Commission is to assist in international cooperation efforts for the conservation, development and use of fishery resources, particularly shrimp, in the Western Central Atlantic.